The Prodigal Valentine Prays Again

April 4, 2009 at 11:25 pm (Personal Insight, Praxis, Prodigal Valentine) ()

Going through my personal rosary of the ascent with the Poimandrian meditations (instead of the Sophian mythologies I have been using) was a bit sketchy at first. Then I got to thinking about an email an ex-minister from my ex-church sent me recently, and things suddenly clicked into place.

My initial thought on using the Poimandrian meditations was “Why do I have to leave lying, cheating, deceitfulness, etcetera ‘behind’? I don’t do those things in the first place!”

Can you guess what’s coming? The email was about forgiveness. When I first got it, I admit, I was a little bit “Way to miss the point, D.,” but I refrained from hitting “Reply” and sending that knee-jerk response out into cyberspace (See? Maybe I am getting better.), and it’s a good thing I did.

All in all, it proved a very calming meditation, leaving behind the force to grow and decrease, the machinations of evil, the guile of lust, domineering arrogance, unholy daring and rashness, striving for wealth by malicious means, and the malicious lie.

I understand, I think, what the religious Gnostics mean when they speak of Archons. They may couch the term in anthropomorphized or physiologized terms, but in the end, the Poimandrian Ascent of the Spheres outlines the Archons very well.

Archons which can also be without, as much as they can be within, you. As above, so below. As within, so without. You leave behind those things, whether you are instigating them, or they have been instigated against you.

Not quite the traditional religious notion of “forgiveness”, but it’s the version that seems to work for me, and one I am going to stick with, for the time being.


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